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(Men’s and Women’s)
Airborne Shooter In air after release of try or tap Men - No rule Women - Same as NFHS
Closely-guarded Holding or dribbling in front court at 6-foot distance Men - Same as NFHS Women - Holding only, front/back court, 3-foot distance
Coaching Box:
    Loss of Use

State option, 14-foot box maximum
If coach is charged with a technical foul

Extends from 28-foot mark to end line
No rule
Delay-of-Game Warning One warning for any of four delay-of-game situations; subsequent delay for any of four, technical foul One warning for each delay of game situation
   Players/Bench Personnel

   Head Coach

   Player Participates after
   Time to Replace

Disqualification � Fifth personal
Ejection � Single flagrant; second technical

Ejection � Single flagrant; second direct
technical; third technical (any combination of
direct or indirect)
Direct technical foul charged to head coach

20 seconds, warning with 15 seconds remaining

Men � Same as NFHS, except ejection on
second direct technical foul or third indirect
Women � Same as NFHS
Same as NFHS

Flagrant technical foul charged to offender

20 seconds, warning with 5 seconds remaining
Fighting Ejection

Ejection. One game suspension followed by season suspension � team and coaches

   Players on Lane

   Restrictions - Violation


Maximum of 4 defensive and 2 offensive
players, two spaces nearest shooter must be
Restrictions end when ball touches ring,
backboard or free throw ends
Technical following team warning for huddles
and contacting free thrower

Men � Same as NFHS, except bottom two
spaces must be vacant

Women � Same as men
Restrictions end on release of the ball

No rule
Officials on Court Fifteen minutes before start

Men - One at 30 minutes Women - On floor at 15 min. and must return at 3 min.

Player-control Foul Includes airborne shooter Men - No airborne shooter Women - Same as NFHS
Player Out of Bounds

Violation called as soon as player leaves the court for an unauthorized reason

Violation when player is first to touch ball after being out of bounds of own volition

Shot Clock No rule

Men - 35 seconds Women - 30 seconds
Stop Clock No rule

After made basket with 59.9 seconds or less in second half or overtime (substitutions not permitted)


Bleeding player directed to leave game (may remain with time-out) Player with lost/irritated contacts may remain in the game

Men � Same as NFHS Women - Player with blood or lost/irritated contact may stay in game if ready to play within 20 seconds

Team-control Fouls

Ball awarded out of bounds (no bonus free throws) when foul committed by any player of the team in control

Same as NFHS, except team control exists during a throw-in

Technical Fouls




   Penalty/Resuming play

Counts toward team-foul total

Counts toward team-foul total, offender’s five
personal and two technical fouls; indirect to head
Counts toward team-foul total, offender’s five
personal and two technical fouls

Only applies to the head coach; direct for
his/her behavior, indirect for penalty to bench
Two free-throws and throw-in awarded to
offended team opposite table

Men � Does not count toward team-foul total
Women � Same as NFHS
Men � Direct technical counts toward
team/offender; indirect does not
Women � Same as NFHS
Men � Direct technical counts toward
team/offender; indirect does not
Women � Same as NFHS
Men � Two categories of technical fouls
Women � Same as NFHS

Two free-throws and point of interruption
Women � Same, except excessive time-out,
throw-in to offended team
Ten-second Rule Must advance from backcourt Men - Same as NFHS
Women - No rule
   Number & Length




   Warning Horn

Three 60-second and two 30-second time-
outs per game

Technical foul

Reduced if both teams are ready

Recognized when a player is in control

All sounded with 15 seconds remaining

Media � Four 30-second and one 60-second
Non-Media � Four 75-second and two 30-
Men � Two shots and point of interruption
Women � Two shots and throw-in to
offended team
Reduced if calling team notifies official (non-
Shall not be recognized when an airborne
player’s momentum carries him/her out-of-
bounds or into backcourt
Same as NFHS
TV Replay Monitor Not permitted Permitted for specific situations
Unconscious Player No return without physician’s (MD or DO)
No rule
   Same Number Style/Color
      Front and Back
   Home White Jerseys
   Horizontal Lettering

   Shirts designed to be worn
      outside the game pants


   Wristbands & Headbands


Required in 2007-08
Plane of letters may not overlap with plane of
numbers, must be 1” from outside edge of
numbers at any point
Not prohibited

Individual player must have same length

Jerseys/pants may not be removed within
visual confines of playing area
Must be dominant color of jersey or white; only
one logo permitted (team or manufacturer);
must be same color for everyone on team

Not required

Not required
Must be 1 inch from outside edge of
numbers at any point


No unaltered sleeves, no cut-off sleeves or
necklines; sleeves must be same length and
may not extend below the elbow
No rule

Men � Same as NFHS
bounds or into backcourt
Same as NFHS
Women � Same as men, except may be
color of jersey, white, black or beige
Videotape Illegal to use during the game or intermission
for coaching
Illegal only at court side

    NOTE:These differences do not include court markings; equipment; length of periods, game and overtime; officials’ signals
and mechanics, etc.
May 15, 2007