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2018/19 NBA Ref ins/outs

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NBA Referee Additions, Departures, Guests for 2018-19 season

The NBA has released the officiating staff roster for the 2018-19 season. Here are the ins and outs. Monty McCutchen and Derrick Stafford are the two senior referees who retired before the 2018-19 season. Randy Richardson, a guest official, will also not be returning. Bennie Adams and William Spooner are on leave at the start of the season while Lauren Holtkamp and Gary Zielinski are on leave for the entire season.

Brandon Adair has moved from being a guest to a NBA referee staff member. Matt Myers and Phenizee Ransom continue as guest referees. They are joined by new guests John Bultler, Mousa Dagher, Nate Green, Ashley Moyer-Gleich, Natalie Sago and Evan Scott.
NBA 2018-19 Season Referee Departures
Retired Released On Leave (* for season, # for now)
monty mccutchen
Monty McCutchen
derrick stafford
Derrick Stafford
randy richardson
Randy Richardson
bennie adams
Bennie Adams#
lauren holtkamp
Lauren Holtkamp*
william spooner
William Spooner#
gary zielinski
Gary Zielinski*

NBA 2018-19 Season Referee New Staff and Guests
New Staff New Guest Continued Guest
brandon adair
Brandon Adair
john butler
John Butler
mousa dagher
Mousa Dagher
nate green
Nate Green
ashley moyer-gleich
Ashley Moyer-Gleich
natalie sago
Natalie Sago
evan scott
Evan Scott
matt myers
Matt Myers
phenizee ransom
Phenizee Ransom