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2011-2018 NBA, WNBA Referee Comings & Going

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NBA Referee Comings and Goings (from 11/12 through 16-18 seasons)

Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford lead the list of NBA referee retirees in recent years. Both have a remarkable record of officiating for 39 NBA seasons and surpassing 2,000 games. Other notable NBA former referees include Danny Crawford with 23 straight years of finals, former covert agent Bob Delaney, female referee pioneer Violet Palmer, subsequent NCAA final four official Joe DeRosa and Greg Willard who died at age 54 in 2013.

The crew of recent, past former NBA referees is a hard act to follow. New officials such as Mitchell Ervin, Tyler Ford, Lauren Holtkamp, Gediminas Petraitis, Ben Taylor, Dedric Taylor and Justin Van Duyne are giving it a shot.

This article covers officials who either left are started in the NBA during the 2011/12 through 2017/18 seasons. For the "oldies" (those who started before 2011/12) links to a variety of articles is provided. Recent D-League and WNBA referee arrivals and departures for the period are also listed.

NBA Oldies Out (in before, out since 11/12 season)
start - end (seasons); season / playoff / finals games; born - passed

richard bavetta
Dick Bavetta
james clark
James Clark
dan crawford
Danny Crawford
joseph crawford
Joey Crawford
robert delaney
Robert Delaney
joe derosa
Joe DeRosa
kevin fehr
Kevin Fehr
david jones
David Jones
monty mccutchen
Monty McCutchen
tommy nunez jr
Tommy Nunez Jr.
violet palmer
Violet Palmer
olandis poole
Olandis Poole
phil robinson
Phil Robinson
eli roe
Eli Roe
eddie f rush
Eddie F. Rush
bennett salvatore
Bennett Salvatore
greg willard
Greg Willard

NBA Newbies Out (in after 10/11 and out by 16/17 season)
start - end (seasons); season / playoff / finals games; born -
scott bolnick
Scott Bolnick
matej boltauzer
Matej Boltauzer
sir allen connor
Sir Allen Conner
Matt Hill
don hudson
Don Hudson
damir javor
Damir Javor
christopher king
Christopher King
kipp kissinger
Kipp Kissinger
olegs latisevs
Olegs Latisevs
brenda pantoja
Brenda Pantoja
sreten radovic
Sreten Radovic
jeff wooten
Jeff Wooten

NBA Newbies In (in after 10/11 season)
start - (seasons); season / playoff / finals games; born -
ray acosta
Ray Acosta
brandon adair
Brandon Adair
steve anderson
Steve Anderson
jb derosa
JB DeRosa
mitchell ervin
Mitchell Ervin
tyler ford
Tyler Ford
jacyn goble
Jacyn Goble
jason goldenberg
Jason Goldenberg
lauren holtkamp
Lauren Holtkamp
brett nansel
Brett Nansel
matt myers
Matt Myers
gediminas petraitis
Gediminas Petraitis
phenizee ransom
Phenizee Ransom
randy richardson
Randy Richardson
aaron smith
Aaron Smith
jonathan sterling
Jonathan Sterling
ben taylor
Ben Taylor
dedric taylor
Dedric Taylor
justin van duyne
Justin Van Duyne
vladimir voyard-tadal
V. Voyard-Tadal
cj washington
CJ Washington

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