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The 2017 NBA Draft completed with few surprises. draft coverage includes each draft since 2008 with photos, profiles and multiple reference links. This year's mock drafts and rankings provides additional background on draftees as well as candidates who did not make the cut.

Here are the 2917 round 1 draft picks with pre-draft rankings in ().

markelle fultz draft sm
1. (1)
Markelle Fultz
fr, g, 6'04
lonzo ball draft sm
2. (2)
Lonzo Ball
L.A. Lakers
fr, pg, 6'06
jayson tatum draft sm
3. (4)
Jayson Tatum
fr, sf, 6'08
josh jackson draft sm
4. (3)
Josh Jackson
fr, sf, 6'08
jayson tatum draft sm
5. (5)
De'Aaron Fox
fr, pg, 6'04

jonathan isaac draft sm
6. (6)
Jonathan Isaac

fr, f, 6'11
Florida State
lauri markkanen draft sm
7. (7)
L. Markkanen
 (to Chicago)
fr, pf, 7'00
frank ntilikina draft sm
8. (10)
F. Ntilikina
New York

g, 6'05
dennis smith jr draft sm
9. (9)
Dennis Smith

fr, pg, 6'03
NC State
zach collins draft sm
10. (11)
Zach Collins

fr, c, 7'00

malik monk draft sm
11. (8)
Malik Monk

fr, g, 6'04
luke kennard draft sm
12. (12)
Luke Kennard

so, g/f, 6'06
donovan mitchell draft sm
13. (13)
D. Mitchell
 (to Utah)
so, g, 6'03
edrice adebayo draft sm
14. (23)
E. Adebayo

fr, c, 6'10
justin jackson draft sm
15. (14)
Justin Jackson
 (to Sacra.)
jr, sf, 6'08
No. Carolina

justin patton draft sm
16. (19)
Justin Patton
 (to Minnesota)
fr, c, 7'00
dj wilson draft sm
17. (27)
D.J. Wilson

jr, f, 6'10

18. (20)
T.J. Leaf

fr, pf, 6'10
john collins draft sm
19. (15)
John Collins

so, pf/c, 6'10
Wake Forest
harry giles iii draft sm
20. (18)
Harry Giles III
 (to Sacra.)
fr, pf/c, 6'11

terrance ferguson draft sm
21. (21)
Ter. Ferguson

g/f, 6'07
jarrett allen draft sm
22. (17)
Jarrett Allen

fr, f/c, 6'11
og anunoby draft sm
23. (16)
OG Anunoby

so, f, 6'08
tyler lydon draft sm
24. (26)
Tyler Lydon
 (to Denver)
so, f, 6'10
anzejs pasecniks draft sm
25. (30)
A. Pasecniks
 (to Phila.)
c, 7'01

caleb swanigan draft sm
26. (31)
Cal. Swanigan

so, pf/c, 6'09
kyle kuzma draft sm
27. (34)
Kyle Kuzma
 (to Lakers)
jr, pf, 6'09
tony bradley draft sm
28. (29)
Tony Bradley
L.A. Lakers
 (to Utah)
fr, c, 6'10
No. Carolina
derrick white draft sm
29. (35)
Derrick White
San Antonio

sr, sg, 6'05
josh hart draft sm
30. (38)
Josh Hart
 (to Lakers)
sr, sg, 6'06
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The NBA Orlando Summer League kicks off on July 1st followed by the Utah (July 3rd) and Las Vegas (July) leagues.

The summer league officials rosters, coach profiles, game results and player profiles with photos and references will be updated on the NBA summer league page as information becomes available.

All dates-times shown below are In July.

NBA Orlando Summer League
Date Teams   Date Teams
1-11a Charlotte/Miami 4-03p Indiana/Dallas
1-01p Orlando/Indiana 4-01p Charlotte/OKC
1-03p NY/Dallas 4-05p Miami/Detroit
1-05p OKC/Detroit 5-01p Dallas/OKC
2-01p NY/Detroit 5-03p Charl./Detroit
2-03p Orlando/Miami 5-05p Orlando/NY
2-05p Indiana/Charl. 6-08a playoffs
3-01p NY/OKC 6-10a playoffs
3-03p Orlando/Dallas 6-12p playoffs
3-05p Indiana/Miami 6-02p playoffs

NBA Utah Summer League
Date Teams   Date Teams
3-7p Boston/Phila. 5-9p Phila./Utah
3-9p San An./Utah 6-7p Phila./San An.
5-7p Boston/San An. 6-9p Boston/Utah

NBA Las Vegas Summer League
(all games in afternoon/evening)
Date Teams   Date Teams
07-06:00 Toronto/N. Orl. 10-06:00 Bklyn/N. Orl.
07-08:00 Bklyn/Atlanta 10-08:00 Denver/Tor.
07-10:00 Houston/Denver 10-10:00 Clip./Milw.
07-06:30 Milw./Cleve. 10-04:30 Miami/Wash.
07-08:30 Clip./Lakers 10-06:30 Hou./Phoenix
07-10:30 Phoenix/Sacra. 10-08:30 G. State/Cleve.
08-04:00 Wash./Mem. 10-10:30 Lakers/Sacra.
08-06:00 Port./Utah 11-04:00 San An./Port.
08-08:00 Miami/San An. 11-06:00 Chicago/Wash.
08-10:00 Houston/Cleve. 11-08:00 Miami/Dallas
08-04:30 Dallas/Chicago 11-04:30 Utah/Mem.
08-06:30 Toronto/Minn. 11-06:30 Phila./Boston
08-08:30 Boston/Lakers 11-08:30 G. State/Minn.
08-10:30 Phila./G. State
09-04:00 Atlanta/N. Orl.
09-06:00 Milw./Bklyn playoffs
09-08:00 Utah/Clip. 12-tbd 8 rd 1 games
09-10:00 Mem./Sacra. 13-tbd 8 rd 2 games
09-04:30 Phoenix/Dallas 14-tbd 8 consolations
09-06:30 Minn./Denver 15-tbd 4 qtr finals
09-08:30 Port./Boston 16-6:00 semi
09-10:30 Phila./San An. 16-8:00 semi
10-04:00 Atl./Chicago 17-10:00 final

2 Featured Referee Leaders

Two recent articles highlight the outstanding contributions to basketball officiating by
Danny Crawford, a star NBA referee and statesman; and Peter Webb, a High School referee icon and one of the most respected referee leaders at any level.

danny crawford   Danny Crawford

Born: 11/23/53 in Chicago
Played Basketball at E. Garfield
   Park HS & Northeastern IL. U.
NBA Referee since 1984 (32
Officiated 1905 NBA games
302 NBA postseason games
23 straight NBA Finals

peter webb

  Peter Webb

79 years old
Played basketball at Houlton HS
   and Ricker College
55 years as a certified official
Director of officiating camps
   in U.S., Canada and Europe
Maine Basketball Commissioner
   for more than 20 years
IAABO Coordinator of Rules
   Interpreters for 17 years
IAABO retirement in June, 2017

nfhs rules2017-18

Five rules changes for the 2017-18 season were approved and published by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Basketball Rules Committee. A full version of these changes along with NFHS rationales and rule book references is available on the NFHS 2017-18 rules change page. The page also includes interactive quiz and discusssion sections. A quiz version is presented here with the answers shown at the end of this newsletter.

1. Identifying names may be placed on a jersey:   a. diagonally   b. horizontally   c. vertically   d. all of the above

2. The official shall report the foul offender # with:   a. no hands   b. one hand   c. two hands   d. any of the above

3. By rule, the coaching box may be extended with:   a. painted lines   b. tape   c. a and b   d. neither a or b

4. With no prior warnings, the team A head coach steps out of the coaching box and instructs a player on the court.
   An official shall:     a. issue a warning   b. issue a technical foul   c. either a or b   d. neither a or b

5. Color/design restrictions apply to the jersey imaginary line at the base of the neckline to the top of the
    shoulder on   a. jersey front   b. jersey back   c.a and b   d. neither a or b

6. Identifying names restrictions apply to the jersey imaginary line at the base of the neckline to the top of the
    shoulder on   a. jersey front   b. jersey back   c. a and b   d. neither a or b

7. The coaching box may start parallel to the end line.   a. True   b. False

8. During live play and before any warning has been issued, the Team A head coach steps onto the court
    and protests a call by yelling profanity that is heard by an official across the court. An official shall:
   a. issue a warning   b. issue a technical foul   c. either a or b   d. neither a or b

9. The coaching box length   a. maximum is 14 feet   b. may be altered by a State Association   c. a and b   d. neither a or b

10. The jersey back shoulder area panel may be used to place an identifying name.   a. True   b. False


The following rules changes were approved by the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee and the Playing Rules Oversight Panel. They will be incorporated into the rules book for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons.

NOTE: Rules changes that are shaded were adopted by both the Men's and the Women's Basketball Rules Committees.

These changes along with NCAA rationales and rule book references are available on the NCAA Men 2017-18, 18-19 rules change page. The page also includes interactive quiz and discusssion sections.

# Rules Change
1 To prohibit commercial advertising inside the 6-foot restraining area at each end line.
2 To extend the coaching box from 28' to 38' toward the division Line.
3 To permit LED lights at the scorer's table which are synchronized with the LED lights on the backboards and game clocks.
4 To permit words within the 15 percent tonal shift of the neutral zone(s) on the jersey. The institutional name, mascot, nicknames, logos, marks, and names intended to celebrate or memorialize persons, events, or other worthy causes are permitted. Commercial names, logos, marks, and slogans are prohibited.
5 To change "American" flag to the national flag of the NCAA member institution.
6 To prohibit logos of professional sports entities from appearing on any player's equipment and/or on items of apparel.
7 When a foul is committed by the defense and the ball is to be inbounded in the front court, the shot clock shall be reset to 20 seconds, or the time remaining on the shot clock, whichever is greater.
8 To permit a replaced player to re-enter the game when the opponents have committed a violation or foul before the game clock has been properly started.
9 To allow only the injured player's substitute to shoot free throws when the injured player is unable to do so as the result of a flagrant foul or the player is bleeding from the injury.
10 To delete "interrupted dribble" and other deflections from the team control definition, which would result in fouls committed during these types of loose balls to be considered as common fouls and not as team control fouls.
11 To amend the current rule requiring warnings for delay penalties prior to assessing a technical foul. When a second delay is different from the first, a technical foul will be assessed for any further delay(s). When a team is warned for the same delay a second time, a technical foul will be assessed per the present Rule 4-10.2
12 To add a requirement that the screener must be inbounds while setting a screen.
13 To amend the definition of a legal screener by requiring that the inside of the screener's feet be no wider than the screener's shoulder width.
14 To clarify that a forfeit pertains only to one team and that in interrupted game situations, if the institutions and/or conferences cannot agree on a solution to determine the winner, the rules committee shall make the determination.
15 To amend the rule so that no less than .3 seconds must expire on the game clock when the ball is legally touched inbounds and the official immediately signals to stop the clock.
16 To amend the current media timeout rule to require the timeout to occur "at or under the media mark times rather than just "under the media mark times."
17 To designate consistent throw in spots for all fouls and violations by the defense in the front court. Those spots shall be either the 28' mark or the line 3' outside the lane line depending on where the foul or violation occurred. All deflections shall be put in play at the point where the ball went out of bounds.
18 To allow an official to move a defender away from the boundary line when there is insufficient space for a throw-in.
19 To permit either an offensive or defensive player to be the first to touch the ball in the backcourt when it has been deflected by the defense into the backcourt regardless of who was the last team to touch the ball before it went into the backcourt.
20 To amend the rule for failing to have all mandatory court markings to be an administrative technical foul (one free throw).
21 To eliminate the requirement that officials enforce penalties for wearing an illegal uniform and place the responsibility with the violating team's conference. The officials will still have the responsibility for prohibiting equipment and apparel that the official deems dangerous to other players (per rule 1-26) as well as the responsibility to enforce contrasting uniform color and number rules.
22 To increase the penalty from one to two free throws for having more than five players on the court or for an excessive timeout.
23 To clarify that a player dunking the ball may hold on to the rim when potential for injury exists even though the player might commit another violation (e.g., goaltending) while holding the rim.
24 During the last two minutes of the second period and the last two minutes of all overtimes, to permit the game clock to be reset to the time of the actual shot clock violation instead of when the official signaled that the violation occurred.
25 To permit instant replay reviews on certain Restricted Area Arc plays in the last two minutes of the second period and the last two minutes of all overtimes.
26 To permit instant replay review to determine if a foul occurred prior to a shot-clock violation.

    NFHS Quiz Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-c, 4-a, 5-d, 6-c, 7-a, 8-b, 9-b, 10-a